Mishar Briones

Mishar Briones


Having come from a long line of successful writers, journalists and editors, it shouldn't have come as a surprise for Mishar to end up a writer — but it did. She loves helping people find their voice and create a solid brand. Her many years travelling and living abroad has given her a unique voice of her own to tell stories of any nature. When she's not creating content, you might find her in the kitchen trying something new. However, she's often on the go searching for the best coffee, the best craft beer, and the best food... All the food.

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Mishar Briones
Employee Engagement Part 2: 3 ways You Can Get Your Staff More Driven

A continuation of what motivates and engages employees. is your team performing optimally?

Employee Engagement: What Is It and Why Does it Matter?

While running your business making sure that your employees are engaged and productive is absolutely crucial.

An Inside Look At Ghostit's Company Culture and Its Projection for the Future

We had a report done on our company culture and thought it would be an interesting look inside Ghostit.

Increase Creativity in the Workplace Through Hiring and Internal Changes

Every companies goal is to be more productive and produce better results, the best way to do that is through hiring and internal changes.

Should You Hire Part Time, Full Time, or Bring on an Agency?

Should you hire full-time, part-time, or bring on an agency with the already built skills.

What is Business Culture And How Do You Use It For Business Success?

The way it’s spoken is like company culture is an item that you obtain – you either have it you don’t. But this is hugely far from the truth. You will never not have culture.

Strategies to Improve Your Business-Market Fit

Strategies to improve your business-market fit

Copywriting 101: How to Write Content People Actually Want to Read

Writing great content is hard. Here are the basics to writing great copy so can increase engagement.

Marketing Jokes You Can Take to the Next Mixer

Want to improve your joke game? Here is a good place to start!

Science Digested: Does Having Your Price Upfront Decrease The Chance Of Purchase?

We break down whether or not having the price of a product present could affect the chance of it being bought repeatedly by looking at a new research paper.

3 Reasons Why Holiday Marketing Works

From using consumers sensations and perception to levarging already existing emotions, we explore three reasons why using holiday marketing works.

Science Digested: Aggressive Ads Turn Off Customers - Are You Pushing Too Hard?

The first blog post of a new series called Science Digested where we take primary scientific data on consumer behaviour and marketing research and break it down for you to read. Aggressive marketing may have the opposite effect that you want and turn OFF your customers.

From Starbucks Hopping to Downtown Office - Ghostit Founders Talk Startup Journey

Read about how Ghostit was founded and what it was like building a startup without investors.

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What You Can Learn From Netflix’s Digital Marketing Strategy

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Where To Start Marketing Your Business

Knowing where to start marketing your business in those early days can be tough. There are so many ways to market your service or product. How do you choose what the best option for you is? This article will outline some of the available marketing methods and discuss when they might be a good fit.