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Our content services are focused on one thing. Increasing the amount of qualified traffic to your site.

Understanding Your Business
Before we can start creating your content, we need to know who you are. Understanding your company is our mission and allows us to create great content. We want to know you better than any digital agency can. That starts with a conversation and a questionnaire. What are your KPIs? What are your top goals? The more we know about you, the faster we will be able to increase your site traffic.

Content Marketing Strategy
From here, we take full control. Your Content Strategy is where we get into the real heavy details. We delve into your target demographic (what is your ideal buyer's persona?), what are they searching for? What are the topics and keywords you need to be ranking for (high search intent and volume, low difficulty), and a full competitive analysis (what is your competition ranking for and how can we make your website show up before theirs).

Content Creation and Refinement
Once your content strategy has been created and we are ready to start writing, our content coordinator finds an in-house writer that best fits for your company’s needs. And like a perfectly synchronized tag team, the content coordinator tags in the writer to get writing. Before it goes live, all the content we create for you is edited by the coordinator first. Then, it's put up for your approval, or automatically scheduled and posted, depending on your preference.
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