About Us

Too often software companies are just a product run by people behind the scenes. Not Ghostit. Our team has come together with one purpose - to help businesses connect and share their message with their customers.

    Kimia Hamidi

    Between cups of coffee Kimia can be found obsessing over rebuilding the Ghostit website.

    He is passionate about helping businesses of all sizes grow by telling their stories and using data to improve their products or services.

    Aside from helping companies succeed, Kimia also feels the need for speed. If it has wheels and goes fast, he’s in.

    Rahul Bhatia

    If we told you Rahul was Batman, you probably wouldn’t believe us. Regardless of what you think, that is what we call him, although we spell it ‘Bhatman’.

    In his 9+ years of launching and growing small to medium-sized businesses, he has developed a taste for seeing numbers rise and makes it a priority to ensure growth in all of our clients’ businesses.

    Have you ever had anyone bring devil sticks to a meeting? Rahul wouldn’t either but he’d show you his moves if you asked nicely.

    Peter Mirmotahari

    Programming and kitesurfing. Could life get any better? 

    If Peter isn’t typing away at his keyboard, you can bet he is on the water learning some new tricks! 

    "During my class selection in my first year of university, I picked up a programming course. Once I got a taste of coding, I immediately switched degrees because I knew this is how I wanted to spend my life."