Rahul Bhatia

Co-founder of Ghostit

Rahul Bhatia

TCB Specialist

If we told you Rahul was Batman, you probably wouldn’t believe us. Regardless of what you think, that is what we call him, although we spell it ‘Bhatman’. In his 9+ years of launching and growing small to medium-sized businesses, he has developed a taste for seeing numbers rise and makes it a priority to ensure growth in all of our clients’ businesses. Have you ever had anyone bring devil sticks to a meeting? Rahul wouldn’t either but he’d show you his moves if you asked nicely.

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Rahul Bhatia
A 4 Stage Outline To Building A Partnership Marketing Strategy

This 4 step process is a great starting point when building your partnership marketing strategy out.

When and How To Say No To Customers In A Positive Way

The customer is not always right. We go over when you should say no to them and how to do it.

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How many times should you follow up with a lead without being obnoxious?

5 Reasons for Business Failure and How You Can Avoid Them

In this weeks atricle we take a look at both the higher level and lower level mistakes every new business makes.

Should You Be A Generalist Or Find A Profitable Niche?

This episode of the podcast is whether or not your business should “niche down” and try to find a profitable niche or stay general so you can address a large market.

How Ghostit Made Its First Dollar

Ghostit tells the story of how we made our first dollar. You can listen to the podcast or read the story.

How Businesses Are Utilizing Facebook

Most businesses now have a Facebook page, read more to find out how you can leverage yours.

4 Marketing Concepts You Need to Get Behind

I break the top 5 marketing concepts you should get behind for 2017.

48 Hours - Here's Why Our Launch On Product Hunt Was Incredible

Ghostit launched on Product Hunt, heres how it went.

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