Rahul Bhatia

Co-founder of Ghostit

Rahul Bhatia

TCB Specialist

If we told you Rahul was Batman, you probably wouldn’t believe us. Regardless of what you think, that is what we call him, although we spell it ‘Bhatman’. In his 9+ years of launching and growing small to medium-sized businesses, he has developed a taste for seeing numbers rise and makes it a priority to ensure growth in all of our clients’ businesses. Have you ever had anyone bring devil sticks to a meeting? Rahul wouldn’t either but he’d show you his moves if you asked nicely.

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Rahul Bhatia
Grow Your SaaS Company: Part 1 – Using Tools You Already Have

Learn from our failures and take advantage of this guide to growing your SaaS company

Tools To Use To Boost Content Market Results For “Boring” Businesses

Many industries seem "boring" and it is hard to think of content that people would be interested in. We break down the tools you need to grow your audience in a boring industry.

Employee Engagement Part 2: 3 ways You Can Get Your Staff More Driven

A continuation of what motivates and engages employees. is your team performing optimally?

Employee Engagement: What Is It and Why Does it Matter?

While running your business making sure that your employees are engaged and productive is absolutely crucial.

Ghostit's "Why" - Why Our Company Exists

Continuing our Road to 100 customers series we state why Ghostit should exist.

An Inside Look At Ghostit's Company Culture and Its Projection for the Future

We had a report done on our company culture and thought it would be an interesting look inside Ghostit.

Increase Creativity in the Workplace Through Hiring and Internal Changes

Every companies goal is to be more productive and produce better results, the best way to do that is through hiring and internal changes.

Should You Hire Part Time, Full Time, or Bring on an Agency?

Should you hire full-time, part-time, or bring on an agency with the already built skills.

What is Business Culture And How Do You Use It For Business Success?

The way it’s spoken is like company culture is an item that you obtain – you either have it you don’t. But this is hugely far from the truth. You will never not have culture.

Where Do I Start With My Content Marketing Strategy?

The best content marketing starts with a good content strategy. In this article we outline what you need to get going and how you can start.

2 Need To Know Metrics For Your Content Marketing Analysis

It's easy to get bogged down with metrics in content analysis. Focus on these two things.

A 4 Stage Outline To Building A Partnership Marketing Strategy

This 4 step process is a great starting point when building your partnership marketing strategy out.

When and How To Say No To Customers In A Positive Way

The customer is not always right. We go over when you should say no to them and how to do it.

How To Be A Better Salesperson (3 Simple Rules To Follow)

Mastering these three things will take you from a good to great salesperson.

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