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Stephanie is an island girl, born and raised. Originally from Nanaimo, she finally settled down and decided to call Victoria, BC home. Stephanie is passionate about travel and all things creative and can often be found photographing beaches and beer along the coast thanks to her trusty RAV4, May.

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What You Can Learn From Google’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Google is one of the most well-known search engines on the internet. Part of Google's success is that it meets a need, is user-friendly, innovative, and has a killer digital marketing strategy you could learn from. Take a close look at Google's Digital Marketing Strategies in this post.

Digital Marketing Success Stories: A Close Look At Canva

Canva has become a wildly successful company in less than ten years! This design behemoth's success is thanks to its digital marketing strategy, branding, and user-centered design. Learn from Canva and use some of these methods in your own branding and content marketing.

Are Instagram Reels Really That Great?

Instagram reels could be a great way to reach new customers and improve engagement rates if you know how to use them.

Airbnb's Content Marketing Efforts

Airbnb is more than a great idea and perfect timing. This company owes a lot of its success to excellent content marketing strategy and digital branding. You can learn how to boost your business by following these examples.

How to Build a Marketing Process in 5 Easy Steps

Understand how to build and implement a marketing process that sticks.

No Distribution? No Organic Reach: Content Is Only As Good As The Strategy

Are you doing enough for your content distribution? Probably not.

A Guide to Generating Quality Leads

Generating leads is what we all want as businesses but if they are not quality leads it is a huge waste of time. Here's how you generate quality leads.

Ghostit's Guide On How To Stay Focused and Motivated

Since we are not a massive company with lots of resources focus and motivation is how we get 10x more done that our competitors.

Building A Customer Referral Engine - (The Cheapest And Quickest Way To Grow)

Referrals are by far the cheapest and fastest way to grow your business. Here is an outline on how you can build your own referral machine.

Supercharge Your B2B Lead Generation - (4 Part Checklist)

Optimize your sales funnel so you can increase your B2B Lead Generation. Here are 4 things you may be missing.

6 Software Tools Ghostit Runs On

Want to know what makes Ghostit tick?

How to Increase Motivation and Productivity in Your Team

A strong team is everything, find out how you can make them the most productive.

How to Use Data to Inform Your Content Marketing Strategy

Want to make smarter decisions when planning content? Use data to inform your content marketing strategy.

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How Starbucks Uses Employee Advocacy To Boost Brand Reach

Learn how Starbucks leverages the power of employee advocacy to boost brand reach and cultivate a positive brand image. Discover their strategies and insights in this insightful blog post. Get inspired to develop your own employee advocacy program and unlock the potential of your workforce.

5 Things To Remember When Sharing Third-Party Content

Learn why sharing third-party content on your website is essential for SEO and how to do it effectively with these five tips, including being thorough, personalizing the content, and giving credit where it's due. Boost your brand and reputation by creating shareable content for your business, and book a call with the experts today!

Where Do You Get Social Media Content Ideas For Your Company's Employee Advocacy Program?

Creating a successful employee advocacy program on social media requires a well-defined employee advocacy content strategy and a steady stream of high-quality content. Learn some of the best spots to get content ideas for your social media in this blog.

How to Build a Successful Blog for Your Business

Learn how to create a successful business blog post that informs and converts customers without resorting to annoying sales pitches, including tips such as understanding your audience, creating consistent schedules, and prioritizing quality content.

The Dos and Don'ts of Employee Advocacy on Social Media

Learn how to execute an effective employee advocacy program with these dos and don'ts. From defining your goals and providing pre-approved content to having a social media policy and measurable KPIs, this guide will help you avoid common pitfalls and get the most out of your employee advocacy plan.

Why your executive team should be active on social media

Learn why executive leaders should be active on social media. With 4.76 billion people using social media platforms, engagement, catching the competition, marketing, building credibility and trust, staying current, and demonstrating leadership are all key to success in the C-suite.

Why You Should Be Working with a Content Agency

Businesses that work with content agencies enhance their content marketing efforts, better understand their brand and customers, capitalize on a content strategy that works, and increase the effectiveness of their SEO efforts.

What You Can Learn From Google’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Imitating the digital marketing strategies of major players such as Google can improve the reach and success of your business. Discover Google's top strategies, including providing a free service, leveraging technology, and building brand recognition, to optimize your own digital efforts and become an authority in your market.

8 Proven Tips to Improve Employee Advocacy and Boost Employee Engagement

Learn how to improve employee engagement and boost advocacy with these eight tips, including clear communication, data analysis, motivation, and social media presence. Discover ways to foster a productive and uplifting company culture by valuing your employees, reinforcing your brand, and listening to their feedback.